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We care

We believe that the client always comes first. Each client has a specific set of needs, which we strive to meet. Thus, we listen to your wishes, assess possible solutions, and offer advice how to achieve them. We examine your inquiry and send our offer containing an explanation of the procedure, ways of implementation, and expected costs.

Personal approach

We put our heart into our work. Dobrodel d.o.o. is a family company that started from scratch. Through high-quality work and satisfied clients we have grown into a company that is able to tend to the wishes of even the most demanding clients. Each product is manufactured with special care and precision. Our work is filled with positive energy that you can experience through our cooperation and the finalised product. Flexibility: We can produce a variety of products – from a large, 60 tonne press, to a small fence to protect your garden. We adapt to your needs and wishes and help you when others can’t or won’t. Time is money: We listen and follow your wishes. The products are finished within the agreed deadline and are of the highest quality. Knowledge and experience: Our knowledge and experience will help in improving your design or in draft design creation. Together, we will find the right solution to your problem.
All our products are assembled with enthusiasm and radiate positive energy. We are proud of each and every one of our products.
Our potential is hidden in our smallness, professionalism, and flexibility. Therefore, we can easily adapt to changes, which usually put a spoke in the wheel of larger companies. Excellent products completed within the deadline and skillful work that we put in your products are our trump cards.

Dobrodel is your best partner when it comes to bending the metal to your wishes.

If you wish to know more you can do so by contacting us or visiting our premises.

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